Apex Legends: Emergence announced, goes live on August 3

Legends, get ready.
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During the EA Play Livestream, the latest season of Apex Legends made a huge splash, showing off a brand new launch trailer. Apex Legends: Emergence is set to launch on August 3, and the message is clear: Change is Coming, and we get to see a lot more of the newest legend to join the roster, Seer.

Seer has an Ultimate that allows for microdrones to track enemies. It’s been teased that he’s a stealth oriented legend, and since he’s a tracker like Bloodhound, new ways to play have been added such as moving slowly to avoid being detected.

New maps and ranked arena are planned, and Ranked mode will be introduced in Emergence, which will be different from Battle Royale mode.

Apex Legends: Emergence drops on August 3 with a gameplay trailer reveal on July 26, 2021.


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