Bloober Team, developers of The Medium, already working on a new project

Combat designer, huh.
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Just a week into it launch and Bloober Team have reportedly recouped all developmental and marketing costs already, making The Medium a success by most accounts. The team isn’t resting on their laurels as their job listing, posted by game designer Artur Łączkowski, hints at hiring for their “new big project”. Interestingly, Combat Programmer is one of the openings over at their website, which is a curious addition to a developer really known for their games that mainly highlight exploration.

Does this mean a more action-packed sequel to The Medium or a new IP set in the same universe that they have created? While we enjoyed the game’s lore and the potential of their dual worlds in the game as seen in our review, semblance of action was generally absent from the game.

While Bloober Team has created a robust body of work that are narrative driven as seen in Layers of Fear, Blair Witch, and The Observer, it would interesting to see them integrate action now that they have the tech to create such an effort.

The Medium is now out on the PC and Xbox Series X|S. Xbox Game Pass subscribers get it as part of their subscription.


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