Bloodborne PS1 demake would make Father Gascoigne proud

Low-res death.
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Demakes seem to be the thing these days and if done right, could actually be a great thing. Take the Cyberpunk 2077 PS1 version, for example. Not only does it capture the game perfectly, but it looks like something we would actually play! This time around, there’s a Bloodborne PS1 demake making its rounds and is something that fans of the game may want to check out.

Since we don’t have a fully optimized PS5 version just yet, Twitter user Lilymeister has decided to take matters into her own hands and go back in time, bringing the masterpiece from FromSoftware to the PS1 and with it, great results that will put a smile to the face of Soulsborne fans.

Chunky and blocky graphics aside, the game looks great, and the frame rate looks too good to be true for Bloodborne. Kidding aside, we’d love to play this game even if it means dying all over again because we’re filthy casuals.

Father Gascoigne would approve.


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