Capcom files trademarks for multiple games, includes Dino Crisis

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As is the usual with these types of news, we can’t say for certain what this all means until the official announcement but it won’t stop us from making guesses!

Capcom has recently filed trademarks for a bunch of old IP’s, including both Dino Crisis and Darkstalkers in the mix. This is somewhat connected to their previous statement that they would definitely like to revisit their previous games!

While the trademarks could mean nothing, it could also mean something at the same time and with the recent trend of remasters and remakes, it’s definitely within the realm of possibility that these old IP’s may receive the current gen treatment.

We’re not saying that Dino Crisis is indeed being remade, but all points show that it’s highly likely. With the game engine already there and with Dino Crisis being such a similar game to Resident Evil, it would make sense to use all of these to bring the old Dino-Survival Horror game back to life. Again, grain of salt, but also wishful thinking!


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