Catch an exclusive Philippine card reveal for the upcoming Hearthstone expansion, Scholomance Academy

Later tonight!
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On August 7, Hearthstone’s latest expansion entitled Scholomance Academy goes live. Featuring 130 new cards including 40 dual class cards, this new update is sure to shake up the game as we know it.

As with the usual tradition before a big expansion hits, card reveals have started last July 22 and for Scholomance Academy, Hearthstone personalities take part in the show, revealing cards that will be part of the new expansion. Not to be left behind, the Philippines will take part in the festivities!

Local Hearthstone caster and player ExcelsorPH will be unveiling an exclusive card on July 29 (that’s today!) at 7:30 p.m. on his Facebook page and if you want in on the excitement, be sure to watch the stream later tonight.

Wyndsor Martillana, or ExcelsorPH as he is famously known, is not only an avid Hearthstone fan, but he is also a licensed doctor, caster, and voice actor. “Every new expansion gives birth to a multitude of meta-defining decks. Being part of that change is an honor and I am proud to be part of this exciting experience,” exclaimed ExcelsiorPH.

To learn more about the upcoming expansion, check out the cinematic trailer below:


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