Diablo Immortal Blood Knight Class is Now Available

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Blizzard Entertainment has announced that a new class, the Blood Knight, is now available for Diablo Immortal players.

The Blood Knight, exclusively available to Diablo Immortal, is a mid-range Class with hybrid attack options that are either melee or ranged depending on your proximity to the target. This vanquisher of vampires feeds on enemies’ life, entraps them in deadly shadows summoned with cursed strength, and relies on their trusty polearm to maintain distance from danger.

“We’re so excited to be introducing the Blood Knight to Sanctuary,” said executive producer Peiwen Yao. “This vampiric class wields dynamic, hybrid melee prowess, allowing players to choose between aggressive physical attacks, harnessing blood magic, or something in between! We’re all looking forward to seeing what players can do with this new skill kit.”

“The first year of Diablo Immortal set the standard for what’s possible when we work to bring this genre-defining series to mobile platforms,” said Diablo general manager Rod Fergusson. “Now we’ve expanded even further, with the debut of the ethereal Blood Knight—the first new class for Diablo in nearly a decade—introducing a distinct champion of darkness to the land of Sanctuary. We welcome everyone to join us in celebrating a year of slaying demons wherever you are in Diablo Immortal.”

Here’s everything you need to know about the Blood Knight in Diablo Immortal:

  • How to Play Blood Knight: The Blood Knight Class is available to all players for free starting today!
  • Quest of Unrest: Learn the origins of the Blood Knights through a new story-driven Elite Quest and experience the torment they go through to harness their curse and keep from becoming mindless thralls.
  • Signature Skills: The Blood Knight is a melee hybrid class who devours their enemies’ life, entraps them with summoned shadows, and cuts down any opposition with knightly polearms.
  • Shadow’s Edge: a primary attack that either performs a slash or throws a dagger.
  • Swarm of Bats: summons a cloud of bats to deal damage and move on command.
  • Siphon Blood: steals health from enemies all around.
  • Abomination: kills enemies and absorbs their blood to become more powerful, adding Blood Rush and Shattering Fist skills.
  • Skewer: impales a foe and stuns nearby enemies.
  • Mephitic Cloud: shadowy mists cause enemies’ vision to be blurred. 
  • New Combat Mechanics: Each set of weapons provides a stance, and players can get different stance effects by switching weapons during combat. Stance effects are attributed bonuses with a temporary buff and a 15-20 second cool down when players switch stances. Stances available to every class. 
diablo immortal blood knight male

The all-new Blood Knight class is now available for Diablo Immortal players.


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