Eastward Getting A Physical Edition Release, Collector’s Edition And Vinyl Also Available

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A game that flew under the radar of most players last year was Eastward from Chucklefish and Pixpil. Disappointingly, the game didn’t receive a worldwide physical release, only getting on in Japan. Well, iam8bit is doing something about it as the game is now set to have a western physical release that should get fans excited.

Eastward Physical Edition Pre-orders

Interested parties can head on over to the iam8bit website to check out the offerings, which include the following:

The Collector’s edition is particularly enticing, as it contains the official Eastward Board Game for 2-4 players along with a copy of the game. This is a limited edition of 3,000 pieces, so expect this to sell out fast.

Will you be getting a physical copy of one of the best-selling Indies in 2021 for the Nintendo Switch?


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