Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is PS5-only because it Needs the SSD and Improved Specs

PS4 owners will have to upgrade soon.
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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth was said to be leaving the PS4 behind when it was first announced last month, and Square Enix has since clarified why the upcoming title is going to be a PS5 exclusive.

In an interview with Japanese website Gamer (as translated by Gematsu), Producer Yoshinori Kitase responded to a question about the game and whether it was decided from the beginning to be a PS5-only title. Kitase pointed to the specs of the PS5, particularly to the SSD that can handle the loading stress provided by the game, letting players travel the world comfortably.

You can see Kitase’s full response below:

It’s exclusive to PlayStation 5 because of the graphical quality, of course, as well as SSD access speed. Since the adventure unfolds in a vast world after the escape from Midgar, loading stress is an extreme bottleneck. We felt we needed the specifications of PlayStation 5 to overcome that and travel the world comfortably.

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It does make sense from a technical perspective, seeing as the Final Fantasy VII Remake suffered from texture loading problems even on the PS4 Pro, so the bump in specs will surely be appreciated by the dev team to further realize their vision.

That said, players who have experienced the first installment in this trilogy on their PS4’s will need to upgrade to a PS5 soon if they want to continue the adventures of Cloud and the gang in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is scheduled to release in Winter next year for the PS5.


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