Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade — how to transfer your PS4 save data

Free trophies upon transfer!
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Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is now available, and if you haven’t transferred over your save file yet, it isn’t quite the painless process, but it is rather straightforward and should be pretty easy once you know what to do. You will, however, need 2 versions of the game, so make sure you prepare beforehand.

final fantasy vii remake intergrade save transfer 1
Upload from the PS4…

So once you’re ready to do so, load up your Final Fantasy 7 Remake PS4 copy whether it is on your PS4 or PS5, but make sure it is the PS4 version of the game. If you transferred all of your PS4 data to your PS5, you can download the PS4 version of the game on the same system first to kick things off.

At the title screen, select “Upload Save Data”. Remember you can only upload one save file at a time. Upload as much as you want and then boot up the PS5 version of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade.

final fantasy vii remake intergrade save transfer 2
…download to PS5. Easy peasy, Japa—lemon squeezy

On Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, you have to select “Download Save Data”. Just like in the upload phase, you can only do it one at a time and save to a fresh Empty Slot. Once you do, all your trophies get transferred over, including your hard-earned Master of Fate Platinum Trophy. Just remember that you have to change the settings once again especially if you want to preserve your unadulterated Japanese dub. Also, you cannot carry over the Gotterdamerung to the Yuffie Intermission DLC. Yuffie’s stuff is her own as Cloud’s stuff is his own. Sorry.

final fantasy vii remake intergrade save transfer 3
Enjoy your free platinum! (If you’ve unlocked it already)

Yes, it’s a free platinum if you’ve unlocked it the first time already! If you do need help on getting it, I suggest grabbing the Gotterdamerung first, it’ll make your life so much easier. I’ll leave you to do that if you haven’t already.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is now available exclusively for the Playstation 5.


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