First look at Bayonetta 3 gameplay, coming in 2022

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Quelling rumors and satisfying eager fans who have been waiting for years, a trailer featuring some much-awaited Bayonetta 3 gameplay has dropped and it’s looking like everything we want from it.

Check out the trailer below:

The titular character calls her latest appearance “unfashionably late” since this is the first official update after the game was first announced back in 2017. After close to four years in the oven, the latest trailer doesn’t disappoint.

With the same frenetic action and gunplay, it’s sure to satisfy both new and old fans alike.

Bayonetta 3 will release for Nintendo Switch sometime in 2022.


Vincent Ternida moved Vancouver, Canada in 2006 and called it home ever since. He spends the lockdown catching up with his Japanese RPGs, writing his new manuscripts, and figuring out why he suddenly became the main character of the latest Haruki Murakami novel.

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