Here’s Your First Look at the VALORANT Champions Tour Pacific Teams and Players

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Riot Games has announced the teams and player lineups that are participating in the upcoming VALORANT Champions Tour Pacific League.

The chosen teams were asked to lock in their initial rosters to represent them in the upcoming league and here are their initial picks:

valorant champions tour pacific league teams players

DetonatioN Gaming: 

  • Reita
  • Seoldam
  • Anthem
  • Suggest
  • takej
  • xnfri


  • stax
  • Zest
  • Rb
  • MaKo
  • BuZz
  • Foxy9

Gen G: 

  • Meteor
  • k1Ng
  • TS
  • Secret
  • eKo
  • iNTRO

Global Esports:

  • t3xture
  • SkRossi
  • Monyet
  • Lightningfast
  • Bazzi

Paper Rex

  • d4v41
  • mindfreak
  • Benkai
  • f0rsakeN
  • Jinggg
  • cgrs

Rex Regum Qeon

  • 2GE
  • tehbotoL
  • EJAY
  • Emman
  • fl1pzjder
  • Lmemore


  • Ban
  • BeomJun
  • Munchkin
  • Sayaplayer
  • xeta

Talon Esports

  • Patiphan
  • foxz
  • JitboyS
  • Crws
  • garnetS
  • sushiboys

Team Secret

  • JessieVash
  • DubsteP
  • Jremy
  • invy
  • lenne


  • barce
  • crow
  • Dep
  • Laz
  • SugarZ3ro

A Philippines favorite, Team Secret has a small change in their roster, and noticeably missing from the lineup is Witz in exchange for invy.

VALORANT Esports in 2023 will begin with the commencement of Challengers Split 1 and the VCT 2023 Kickoff Tournament in São Paulo, Brazil.

valorant champions tour pacific league schedule

See any favorite players or teams that you’ll be cheering on for the upcoming VCT Pacific League?


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