First party games showcase for the Xbox Series X reportedly happening on the week of July 20

Big guns incoming.
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Sony took notes and showed a PlayStation 5 presentation worthy of the hype. Now, Microsoft is readying the big guns and the week of July 20 is when it might all go down.

If a report by VGC and journalist Jeff Grubb is to be believed, July 23 is the day where Microsoft is set to unveil its first party games lineup for the Xbox Series X.

Grubb posted the upcoming July schedule on his Twitter page, which outlines multiple events spanning until August. Lodged smack in the middle is the Xbox Game Studios reveal, which could be the culmination of all the studio acquisitions made by Microsoft throughout the years.

This claim is backed up by a report from VGC, saying that the July event will be focused on the games coming from the Xbox Game Studios, the Microsoft counterpart to Sony’s first party lineup. In particular, games from The Initiative and Playground Games could be making an appearance, apart from Halo Infinite.

This reveal is going to be the big one for the boys in green, backing up the powerful Series X with an equally powerful lineup of games that will surely give Sony a run for its money. We’re a couple of weeks out, and it’s going to be a hell of a month for next gen news.


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