GCash App Now Serves PSN Credits

US, SG, and HK accounts can top up from the app.
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GCash users can now purchase PSN credits directly from the app to top up their US, SG, and HK accounts to enjoy various digital offerings from PlayStation.

Only a few denominations are available, but they cover US, SG, and HK accounts which most of the gamers in the Philippines are using.

gcash psn

All you have to do is head over to the “Shop Lifestyle” section of the app under the Lifestyle & Shopping category and swipe over to the Game Credits section. Scroll down a bit past the other Steam and Razer Gold entries and you’ll find the PSN Credits down below.

GCash PSN Credits Denominations

  • USD $10 = PHP580
  • USD $25 = PHP1,450
  • USD $50 = PHP2,900
  • SGD $20 = PHP910
  • SGD $50 = PHP2,280
  • HKD $80 = PHP760
  • HKD $200 = PHP1,900
gcash psn credits

For reference, Gameline and Datablitz have the following prices on their digital stores (links included):

USD $10PHP580PHP 620PHP 525
USD $25PHP1,450PHP 1,550PHP 1,299
USD $50PHP2,900PHP 2,995PHP 2,595
SGD $20PHP910N/A (SGD $15 = PHP 595)N/A (SGD $15 = PHP 595)
SGD $50PHP2,280N/A (SGD $40 = PHP 1,595)N/A (SGD $40 = PHP 1,595)
HKD $80PHP760PHP 595PHP 595
HKD $200PHP1,900PHP 1,495PHP 1,495

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Overall, while a tad more expensive compared to others, the app certainly offers an all-in-one solution especially if you’re already a heavy app user, using the app to pay for bills or transfer funds. Having this option will certainly be a good thing for users of the app.


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