Godfall is the first manufactured physical PS5 game, claims Gearbox

File size also revealed.
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We are about a month away from the launch of the PlayStation 5 and the consoles, as well as the games, should be making their way over to retail shelves around the world. While some games are still being manufatuctured and pressed, Godfall is all ready, waiting to be purchased.

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford himself made the announcement, claiming the first PlayStation 5 (physical) game, which incidentally was also the first announced PS5 game from last year. We see Pitchford proudly showing off the game, and it actually seems to be the Ascended Edition as well, which will include the season pass and multiple in-game bonuses.

The back part of the package seems to hold more interesting information, as it confirms that the game requires an internet connection as well as the 50GB minimum SSD space needed.

Indeed, we are about one month away from the next-gen consoles to start hitting retail shelves and this only serves as a reminder of the impending doom of our hard-earned savings.


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