Gran Turismo 7 Trophy List Leaks Ahead Of Launch

Early copies are somehow out in the wild.
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Gran Turismo 7 will be making its return on March 4 and with only a few days left before its release, it seems that the trophy list for the game has already leaked.

As spotted by GTPlanet, the list was posted on Twitter but was also taken down by copyright notices shortly after. The same information was posted on the PSN Profiles forum where it is still currently viewable, but we’ll have to see how long that stays up.

Overall, the trophy set will please Platinum hunters, as it seems relatively easier and more attainable compared to GT Sport. There are still the usual trophies that will require you to go through the motions of the game, with some time-consuming tasks in between, but nothing too outrageous like winning 91 GT Sport races or anything of that sort.

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Of course, we won’t post the list for obvious reasons so if you want to check out what you’re up against on the road to your next Platinum trophy, you can head on over to the PSN Profiles forum or the GTPlanet site.

Are you looking to go all out for Gran Turismo 7?


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