March of the Lich King is Hearthstone’s Latest Expansion, Adds New Death Knight Class

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Blizzard has announced that a new Death Knight class will join the game alongside the latest expansion, March of the Lich King, which will be available on December 6.

Follow Arthas Menethil’s journey as he becomes the iconic Warcraft villain, the Lich King, through the Death Knight prologue. With 203 brand new cards, including the new Death Knight class, new Undead minion type, and new Manathirst keyword, players have access to the most varied gameplay and deckbuilding in Hearthstone yet.

Check out an overview of the latest features that the new expansion will bring:


  • 68 new class cards, including 32 free Core Set cards
  • Hero Power: Ghoul Charge – Summon a 1/1 Ghoul with Charge that dies at the end of the turn.
  • New Resource: Corpses – Every time a friendly minion dies it’s counted as a Corpse. 
  • Deckbuilding System: Runes
    • Blood for control gameplay with health manipulation.
    • Frost for direct damage with icy spells.
    • Unholy for swarms of minions across the board.


  • New Minion type: Undead – Now your Undead minions are easy to identify! 
  • Hundreds of minions from previous expansions updated to include Undead minion type.
  • New Keyword: Manathirst
    • Cards have additional powers when you have enough mana crystals to trigger the effect.
    • No mana needs to be consumed for the bonus effect to be triggered.


  • Events will now have a dedicated place within the Hearthstone user interface.
  • When an event is active, the Journal button is modified; reward content also will now have a dedicated space within the Journal.
  • Knights of Hallow’s End event will be live TODAY – bringing all Knights of the Frozen Throne cards back into Standard until March of the Lich King releases!
hearthstone march of the lich king death knight

Hearthstone’s March of the Lich King Mega Bundle is now available for pre-purchase and contains 80 March of the Lich King card packs, 5 Signature Golden March of the Lich King card packs, two random March of the Lich King Signature Legendary cards, the entire Path of Arthas set, and the Lor’themar Hunter hero skin and card back.

hearthstone march of the lich king mega bundle

Hearthstone’s March of the Lich King expansion will be available on December 6.


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