Kojima Productions celebrates The Last of Us Day with stunning artwork

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The Last of Us Day, formerly known as Outbreak Day, was recently renamed in light of the recent events but the occasion remains the same, to celebrate the critically acclaimed franchise that has spawned some of the best games of its generation.

As many celebrate around the world, Yoji Shinkawa, famous for his work on Metal Gear and just recently Death Stranding, does what he does best and dedicates this superb piece to the franchise. It’s a collab we didn’t know we needed.

In case you want to download it on your desktop or mobile device, simply head on over to the link right HERE. It’s on all of our devices already!

Celebrations extend to other forms such as posters from Mondo Shop, apparel from Graph, and even an Abby cosplay guide from Sony. Oh, there’s a free dynamic theme available for download too!


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