Leaked Crash Bandicoot merchandise may point to a new game reveal soon

During the PS5 event, maybe?
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Its been a long time coming, but a new Crash Bandicoot would certainly be most welcome! If this leak is any indication, then we could see a new game being announced very soon.

Ever reliable deals guy Wario64 has pointed out leaked merchandise for Crash Bandicoot from the European distributor before it was taken down. It shows various figures and paraphernalia, including a keychain and a cap.

For a closer look at the merchandise, peep the screengrab below:

Now it would be very weird to have all of this on its own without something to accompany it. Oh I don’t know, something like… a NEW GAME? Coincidentally, we have the PlayStation 5 games reveal later. Will there be a new Crash Bandicoot game reveal? Only time will tell, but safe to say that it’s about time our beloved marsupial returns!


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