First Images of the Lenovo Legion Go Have Seemingly Leaked

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Earlier this month, the lid on the Lenovo Legion Go was seemingly opened, revealing a PC gaming handheld device that would compete with the likes of the Steam Deck and ROG Ally. Just today, leaked images of Lenovo’s device were uncovered, showing similarities to the Nintendo Switch.
lenovo legion go leaked images 4
Image courtesy of Windows Report

According to an article from Windows Report (via The Verge), Lenovo’s upcoming handheld will have detachable controllers like Nintendo’s Joy-Cons, but with a better-designed shape that would sit in hands more comfortably. There also looks to be a small touchpad on the right controller that would presumably enable easy Windows navigation, something that the Ally does not do very well.

The specs pointed to the Legion Go having an 8-inch screen, and it certainly looks like it based on the leaked images. Owing to the fact that it has detachable controllers, there is speculation that it will be a touchscreen, and is propped up by a stand and a ton of vents for cooling purposes.

lenovo legion go leaked images 3
Image courtesy of Windows Report

The device looks a bit beefier compared to the Ally, and it could also point toward the fact that it may sport a longer-lasting battery. This is obviously speculation, so it’ll be nice to hear what Lenovo has to say about it sooner rather than later.

lenovo legion go leaked images 1
Image courtesy of Windows Report

What do you think? Will this new Lenovo Legion Go make waves in the PC Gaming Handheld scene?


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