Spider-Man expansion for Marvel’s Avengers officially delayed

Will not arrive before Black Panther.
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During the reveal of the War For Wakanda Expansion, which will feature none other than Black Panther, a 2021 roadmap was shown by the team at Crystal Dynamics to give players a look at what they can expect for the game. Notably missing is Spider-Man, the much marketed exclusive character for PlayStation, and this is because the web-slinger has been delayed from its initial “early 2021” window.

According to an IGN interview with Crystal Dynamics’ head of studio Scot Amos, there is a team working on Spiderman and they still expect him to drop on the PlayStation. However, “he won’t arrive before Black Panther”.

It doesn’t take a genius, based 2021 content roadmap, to see that there will be no Spiderman any time soon and this interview just confirms it.

To those looking for some web-slinging action, you’ll just have to wait a bit longer, that’s if you were still playing the game in the first place.

Marvel’s Avengers is now out for the current-gen consoles–PS5 and Xbos Series X|S. The War For Wakanda expansion is expected to launch later in 2021.


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