Next Marvel’s Avengers War Table to show Hawkeye along with PS5 and Xbox Series upgrades

Take aim.
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Oh hey, Marvel’s Avengers is still alive and kicking! In fact, Crystal Dynamics has scheduled another War Table deep dive on February 16 (probably on the 17th, locally) to discuss some pretty exciting news about Hawkeye and next-gen console upgrades.

Kate Bishop has been added to the game last month, and while the content has been coming in slower than expected due to the challenges brought about by the pandemic, it is good to see that Crystal Dynamics is pushing through with their promise to bring in updates to the game.

As for the next-gen upgrades, we’re expecting to see the game playable at a higher resolution clip but more importantly, a smoother 60fps experience. Some DualSense features would be welcome too!

Are you still playing Marvel’s Avengers? Or are you waiting for these updates to come in before playing the game?


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