Megaman Battle Network Legacy Collection set to Include New Features

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Capcom has revealed new information about the upcoming title Megaman Battle Network Legacy Collection focused on Patch Cards and the new Buster MAX mode.
Trailer courtesy of Gematsu

The upcoming release will include a total of 499 Patch Cards, which were only previously sold at game stores and given away at special events. Now, players can enjoy the benefits of all of the Patch Cards in the game which are usable for Mega ManT Battle Network 4 onwards.

The game will also have a new Buster MAX mode, which powers up Mega Buster shots by 100 times and allowing players to inflict massive damage without using Battle Chips.

Both aforementioned items can be turned on/off from the menu at any time.

Megaman Battle Network Legacy Collection patch cards screenshot

Megaman Battle Network Legacy Collection is scheduled to launch on April 14, 2023 for the PS4, Switch, and PC.


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