Minecraft RTX Beta scheduled to go live this week

Minecraft like you've never seen it.
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Starting April 16, players will be seeing Minecraft under a whole new lens as it will be having an RTX beta, transforming the once blocky world into… Well, still blocky but now with more vibrant colors and stunning visuals and lighting.

According to the FAQ, the technical requirements for you to take part in this would be the following:

  • Windows 10 PC
  • DirectX ray tracing capable GPU
  • CPU Intel Core i5 or equivalent minimum
  • at least 8 GB of RAM available

You may also need to update your Windows OS and graphics drivers for the feature to work.

Most importantly, this update will be free via the beta as long as you meet the minimum requirements!

To get into the beta, simply install the Xbox Insider Hub app on your PC and from the insider content screen, choose Minecraft for Windows 10 and choose the button that says Minecraft RTX Beta. It’s as simple as that!


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