Monster Hunter World The Board Game Kickstarter begins in April 2021, Pledge Levels revealed

Happy Monster Hunting on a brand new playing field
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While video gaming has become popular due to the current state of the world, there will come a point where you would want to step away from the monitor and take a break from that too. Board games immediately come to mind, as they have come a long way from your usual Monopoly or Scrabble game from years back.

Enter Steamforged Games, who have turned a lot of popular video games into actual tabletop board games. Their resume is pretty impressive with games like Devil May Cry V, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Resident Evil 2, and Dark Souls as part of their lineup. Now they’re adding a new title to that list and it’s one that should get a lot of hunters curious: Monster Hunter World.

Teased way back in August 2020, Monster Hunter World The Board Game will begin its Kickstarter campaign this April 2021 and recently, Steamforged Games revealed the Pledge Levels for the upcoming project. Now for a quick explanation, Pledges are different levels of amounts a Kickstarter backer is willing to contribute for a project to raise enough money to start. Backers are not yet charged the amount they pledged so in the unfortunate event that a Kickstarter project does not reach its target amount, a backer won’t lose any cash.

Already there are pictures of the tabletop figures that players will be using and they are looking really impressive. The hunter and monster figures are so detailed that they can rival the best looking Monster Hunter figures and statues out in the market.

With mechanics like the different weapons a hunter can use, the different skills with each armor set, the various monsters with their diverse behavior and moves, the tracking system using scoutflies that was introduced in Monster Hunter World, and the teamwork mechanic when hunters join together in a hunt, Steamforged Games has the daunting task of translating the thrill of the hunt in Monster Hunter into board game form and we don’t envy them for it.

So with that out of the way, Here are the different Pledge Levels should anyone want to support this Monster Hunter World The Board Game project:

Entry Pledge

For the Entry level Pledge of $70 or around ₱3,364.61, backers will get what looks like the most basic package with the Ancient Forest board, 4 monster and 4 hunter figures, 600+ cards, a Rulebook, and lastly a Quest Book.

Core Pledge

The midlevel Core Pledge is definitely not cheap at a whopping $140 or around ₱6729.23. It’s pretty much double the content with more monster and hunter figures, cards, and books, with the addition of the Wildspire Waste and very likely the monsters inhabiting it.

All-In Pledge

It can’t get any crazier than this. $140 is already nothing to laugh at, so if you want the ultimate Monster Hunter board game experience, then you’ll need to pledge $279 or around ₱13,410.39. So obviously you’ll be getting way more figures, cards, and books with this Pledge.

Steamforged Games has not revealed exactly which monsters will be included in each Pledge but they will reveal more details in the coming weeks. We’re nerds for Monster Hunter, so we’ll take some guesses!

For the Entry Pledge, what you basically get is the Ancient Forest with all the monsters that you will first meet in Monster Hunter World like the Great Jagras, Anjanath and Tobi Kadachi. It’s literally your entry level into the base game. The Core Pledge doubles that with the amount of figures and cards, and the addition of the Wildspire Waste which will likely come with the monsters of that region like the Diablos and Barroth. And finally with the All-In Pledge’s large amount it definitely must include the big guns. More content aside we can’t think of anything else but the Elder Dragons you fight in the endgame like the Kushala Daora, Teostra, and Monster Hunter World’s flagship beast Nergigante. Hopefully they add some of the favorites like Fatalis sooner or later!

Should you want to back up this project and go hunting in a completely new area that’s not on the other side of your gaming monitor, watch out for the Kickstarter campaign, which begins in April 2021.

*All images courtesy of Steamforged Games


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