NBA 2K21 promises to fix the unskippable ads issue over community outrage

Technical foul.
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Following backlash from the community over the addition of unskippable ads during the loading screen of NBA 2K21, 2K games took to social media to announce that action will be taken towards this fiasco.

Citing that the ad placement “impacted our players’ experience in a way we didn’t intend”, 2K has promised to rectify the situation as the ad was not supposed to run during the pre-game introduction.

Parts of the community expressed indifference towards the ad, saying that it was during loading time anyways, while others expressed anger, saying that it was a crummy move since 2K21 is a fully priced game similar to UFC4. Whatever the case may be, the team over at 2K Games have promised to fix this and that feedback is always welcome.


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