Niantic partners with Globe for Codename: Urban Legends, a peek into the future of AR and 5G experiences

The AR future is bright.
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Following its recent announcement about a new Pikmin mobile app, Niantic have announced that they’ve partnered with a number of mobile carriers around the world, including Globe Telecom, for Codename: Urban Legends, a multiplayer demo experience that offers a glimpse into the future of AR and 5G networks. 

The game will leverage on 5G’s ultra-low latency and high bandwidth capabilities to deliver a deeply immersive, highly social AR experience. By teaming up, players cast magic spells to blast monsters and rescue mythical allies, including Doty, the original Niantic Explorer.

If this video is any indication, it’s looking to be the next level of AR apps that will allow for a more engaging experience.

“Globe is a pioneer and leader of 5G technology in the country today. Together with Niantic, we aim to revolutionize the world of mobile gaming with faster speeds, ultra low latency and improved HD video streaming, among others. Earlier this month, we started testing Codename: Urban Legends on our multi-access edge computing platform to deliver near-real time, next level experiences – this is a first for such a project in South East Asia.” shared Nikko Acosta, Senior Vice President, Product Management and Content Business Group of Globe.

No details about the actual release was shared, but it would be interesting to see how this turns out when more 5G capable areas are rolled out in the country.

For more details about future projects, you can check out the official Niantic website.


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