Outriders on Game Pass is only available on console and not on PC, pre-orders can be cancelled

PSA for those who have pre-ordered the game on Xbox.
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As part of the increasingly value-driven offerings from Game Pass, Outriders will be joining the service on day one, and will be free to play for players who are subscribed. This is a great deal, especially after the mostly positive reception that the demo had since it launched, and makes a strong case for people wanting to play it on other consoles to stick with Xbox instead of paying full price.

Sadly, while Xbox console players will be happy, their PC counterparts won’t be too thrilled, as Outriders has been confirmed to only be available on console and cloud (beta) starting April 1. PC Game Pass subscribers will be getting the short end of the stick on this one.

As such, Xbox players who have pre-ordered the game should know that they can cancel their pre-orders, and Square Enix have posted a lengthy but very informative FAQ on Reddit about everything you’ll need to know about the process.

Cancelling your preorder will have you miss out on the Hell Rangers content pack, but I’m sure some players will gladly play the game for a nominal fee via Game Pass over a few cosmetic items.

Outriders doesn’t support cross platform saves, so in case you want to switch over to Xbox to avail of the Game Pass offer but are coming from a different platform (PS or PC), then you’ll just have to start over again.


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