Over 90 Alleged Videos of GTA 6 Have Leaked

The leaks are real!
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Rockstar Games is not having a good day, or a good weekend for that matter, as over 90 alleged videos of GTA 6 may have leaked, showing development footage that looks too good to be fake.

As posted to GTAForums by a user named teapotuberhacker, a zip file containing a massive amount of footage that’s said to be GTA 6 is being passed around all over social media today. “Here are 90 footage/clips from GTA 6. It’s possible I could leak more data soon, GTA 5 and 6 source code and assets, GTA 6 testing build,” says the leaker.

The alleged GTA 6 videos contain bits and pieces of gameplay, all with some coding language plastered all over the place. While many are doubtful and calling it a mod, some industry personalities like Jason Schreier of Bloomberg is saying that “based on the scale hard to imagine it’s not real,” especially since it coincides with prior reports that mention two protagonists.

The leaker claims that the assets were downloaded from an internal Rockstar Slack group.

In case you’re looking for links to the videos, we’ll leave you guys to do the sleuthing as we won’t be posting direct links to them. In fact, Rockstar has already issued takedown notices on these videos, furthering the theory that they are indeed legitimate footage of the game.

After further investigation, Schreier continues to say that he’s confirmed the leak to be real and that the footage is “early and unfinished.” Schreier continues to explain that this will be a “nightmare” for Rockstar due to several consequences like limiting work-from-home flexibility for security purposes.

Do you think leaks like these further increase the hype for the game or does it damage the efforts of the developers?


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