Phil Spencer has played Elden Ring, calling it Hidetaka Miyazaki’s ‘most ambitious game’

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Remember Elden Ring? Neither do we. It’s been so long since we’ve heard news about it and Bloodborne / Dark Souls fans have been frothing at the mouth at any semblance of news care of Hidetaka Miyazaki and From Software.

Well, someone has actually confirmed that the project is indeed real and that lucky someone is none other than Xbox Boss Phil Spencer.

An interview with Gamespot reveals that Spencer has gone on the record to say that “I’ve seen actually quite a bit. I’ve played quite a bit.” This, at least, confirms that Elden Ring is still ongoing and it is indeed real.

Not only that, Spencer had high praise for the title, calling it the “most ambitious game that he’s (Miyazaki) done.” Spencer goes on to say that “I mean, I love his games, but seeing some of the gameplay mechanics stuff that he’s tackling, he and the team are tackling this time, of the setting, working with another creator in terms of story. I love it.”

That bit of information is sure to send fans of the genre in a bit of a frenzy, and hopefully we’ll find out more about the game soon through official announcements but for now, we’ll take Phil Spencer’s word on Elden Ring and just cry in a corner while waiting for another masterpiece like Sekiro from Miyazaki.


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