PlayPark Streetballers CBT Opens on March 28

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PlayPark has announced that the action-packed mobile 3v3 streetball game PlayPark StreetBallers SEA will be having its Closed Beta Test (CBT) from March 28, 2023 – April 3, 2023, via Google Play.

iOS players can pre-register on the official website, unlocking more rewards when the game finally launches. The game will have the CBT simultaneously in 5 countries in the SEA region and will support four languages: Thai, English, Chinese, and Bahasa.

PlayPark StreetBallers CBT preregister rewards

Check out the steps on how to join the PlayPark Streetballers SEA closed beta test (Android devices only):

  • PRE-DOWNLOAD the game in preparation for the CBT
  • The period for testing is 28 March – 3 April 2023.
  • CBT is open to Google Play/Android platforms only!
  • Can be played on emulators such as BlueStacks, NoxPlayer or LDPlayer.
  • Players who top-up during CBT will get cashbacks when the game officially launches OBT.
PlayPark StreetBallers CBT download now

To prepare for the upcoming PlayPark Streetballers CBT, check out the positions you can play in the game:

  • Small Forward (SF) is a position played both inside and outside the paint. It is both an assistant and a scorer. Small Forwards are dangerous in any scoring distance: near, medium, and far.
  • Center (C) If you love to mix it up under the ring, then Center is the position for you. They guard against the opponent’s close-range scoring. Centers have high jump skills to rebound the ball under the board well and are considered to be the pillar of the team.
  • Shooting Guard (SG) Shooting Guards are point hunters. Deadly at long range, Shooting Guards use their high mobility and extreme accuracy to create an opening for a basket.
  • Power Forward (PF) Posterize opponents with unstoppable and screenshot-worthy dunks with Power Forward characters. They place a lot of emphasis on breaking through the opponents’ defenses and scoring points at close range thanks to their strength and vigor.
  • Point Guard (PG) Slippery and fast, Point Guards favor speed and agility to bring the ball home. They slip past defenses big or small, and have the most accurate passing ability out of all positions. These players make plays that bring in the points.

PlayPark StreetBallers SEA will be having its Closed Beta Test (CBT) from March 28, 2023 – April 3, 2023, via Google Play.


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