PlayStation 5 could support 1440p resolution if requested for by the players

You're telling me there's a chance?!
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Remember that report about the upcoming PlayStation 5 not supporting 1440p resolution? It was a pretty sad development for a group of players who are wanting to go next-gen on their gaming monitors. While this is the case at launch, players shouldn’t worry too much because the functionality could be added in a future update.

Speaking to AV Watch, Hideaki Nishino from Sony says that while currently, the feature isn’t there, it could easily be added if it is requested enough. This is due to the fact that support for Television sets were the priority for the PlayStation 5.

Sony has been putting much importance on the upgraded performance and visual quality of the PlayStation 5 that it would make sense to support 4K sets as a priority, but it would have been nice to be given the choice. We’re sure Sony has heard the feedback over the past few days and hopefully they are taking action towards it.


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