PlayStation 5 price and release date possibly leaked by Amazon France, cheaper than previous leaks

Unofficial, but a bit more believable.
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A previous Amazon UK placeholder entry, which puts the PlayStation 5 at a whopping $700 for a supposed 2TB version, has since been debunked and was indeed just a placeholder with a pricing error. Now, another entry has been seen courtesy of Amazon France at while it is not official, it is at least cheaper and closer to original price estimates. It’s even got a release date!

A tweet by user Ben Geskin has placed the rumor mill churning, as screenshots of the supposed Amazon France leak points to the upcoming PlayStation 5, both digital and standard versions, being priced at 399€ and 499€ respectively. That translates to PHP22,500 and PHP28,000 for both versions, and is tagged to be released on November 20, 2020.

This is certainly more reasonable, considering the initial leak nearly converts to PHP35,000, but as to be expected this is still unofficial. If there is anything that Sony wants to keep a 100% secret for now, it’s the price. Sony knows full well that pricing will be one of the most important factors of the next generation console and it is determined not to make the same mistake Microsoft did with the Xbox One.

That said, we won’t put too much stock on this one, but the price is pretty close to what initial estimates of the PlayStation 5 being around $450-$500. We’ll wait for an official word from Sony but don’t expect it anytime soon, as they’re still playing a dancing game with Microsoft.


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