PlayStation 5 ships 4.5 Million units in 2020, PS Plus Subscribers up to 47.4 Million

Huge numbers from the company.
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Despite the pandemic throwing a wrench in the plans of almost every company out there, the demand is still very strong for the next-gen consoles. In fact, even with very limited stock worldwide that is expected to continue this year, the PlayStation 5 has managed to sell 4.5 million units as of December 31, 2020, based on Sony’s latest financial reports.

Senior analyst at Niko Partners Daniel Ahmad also gives us some insight on the latest numbers behind Sony and the PlayStation 5, saying that the PS4 also shipped as many units in the same quarter back in 2013.

It is interesting to note that Sony’s gaming segment has seen a rise in operating income by 50% on a year on year comparison, and a big factor for this is PS Plus, which now has over 47 million subscribers, up from 38.8 million from a year ago.

Even with Sony selling the PS5 at a loss, network sales such as PS Plus and DLC have carried the load for the company.

Interestingly, 87% of PS5 gamers are subscribed to PS Plus, which is probably because of the PS Plus Collection along with fantastic monthly offerings, which saw titles like Control: Ultimate Edition just recently.

Games like Spider-Man: Miles Morales also had impressive showings, selling approximately 4.1 million units as of December 2020.

Overall, business looks to be good for Sony, as the fiscal year of 2020 looks to be its best ever year in revenue and profit. Gamers will have to be patient with supply, especially since scalpers are on the lookout for easy profit, taking advantage of the hype.

Locally, retailers are sold out even after the second wave of units, but Sony has promised that there will be more to come, and we should all just remain patient to avoid paying exorbitant prices.


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