PlayStation Asia’s New Season sale is live with tons of great deals!

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With the PlayStation US store holding a Totally Digital sale that goes on until February 4, users who have an R3 / Asian account will find that there’s a similar sale ongoing on over at the PlayStation Asia store that welcomes in the new season with savings of up to 85% off!

1147. 1147 items on sale at the moment with some notable titles like Death Stranding, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Spider-Man Game of the Year, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, and Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition among others.

There’s a lot more but one of the best deals of the sale would be the 25% off from the 12 Month PS Plus subscription, so now would be the best time to subscribe or extend, especially since The Uncharted Collection and Goat Simulator are the free games for the month.


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