PUBG Mobile v2.4 Update Adds Bruce Lee Collaboration

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Tencent and Level Infinite have announced that PUBG Mobile‘s v2.4 update will include the game’s first martial arts festival, Martial Showdown, featuring Bruce Lee.

Beginning January 10th, the Bruce Lee Kung Fu Soul Set, Melee Expert Set, and Mr. Kung Fu Set will be available to provide players with different iconic looks of the martial arts master. A number of cosmetic skins for vehicles, parachutes, and more are also available, as well as Bruce Lee-themed emotes.

Players can also participate in the Dreamrealm Apprentice event from January 10 until January 26 to gain access to exclusive rewards by following Bruce Lee through a series of challenging trials.

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The PUBG Mobile v2.4 Update will also introduce new items, events, and spaces across Erangel and Livik. Players can utilize the Dancing Lion vehicle, a grappling hook, a bow with regular and explosive bolts, and much more.

Players can also set out on fierce revenge missions with the new Back For Honor feature, letting them hunt down the enemy that eliminated them within the time limit with the lure of great rewards.

The PUBG Mobile v2.4 Update will also welcome Cycle 4 Season 10 on January 17th, where a new set
of Legendary items awaits players, alongside a new title archive system for more in-depth tracking of Season Title history such as Season completion progress.

There are also changes to the Conqueror tier of the tier system, now with 100-point mini-tiers and stars, and four new season titles (Phenom, Almighty, Medic and Summit).

pubg mobile v2.4 update key art

PUBG Mobile is now available for free on iOS and Android devices.


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