Sony Might Have Just Created A Game Preservation Team

This is good news!
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A recent hire by Sony may indicate that the company has recently created a “Preservation Team” that may see them make bigger strides in preserving their wide catalog of classic titles.

As seen via ResetEra and Reddit, Senior Build Engineer Garrett Fredley posted that he recently got hired by Sony as one of their initial hires for their “newly created” preservation team. He further states that game preservation is his passion and is thankful that he was given a chance to be part of the team.

You can check out the screenshot of the post below:

playstation preservation team screenshot

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Fredley did not specify what the team is actually working on at the moment or what the aim of the preservation team will be, but it could be a safe assumption to say that older PlayStation games will be archived more properly, possibly leading to better emulation or easier remaster or remake efforts without the fear of missing code.

The new team may also directly affect the growing list of games that could be added to the new PlayStation Plus Tiers, especially with the PS3 games that are only available via streaming at the highest subscription tier.


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