Sony Fixes PlayStation Plus Upgrade Fiasco, Points to ‘Technical Error’

The company is listening to feedback.
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Sony has announced via their AskPlayStation social media account that due to a “Technical Error”, players in Asia who have previously purchased PS Plus subscriptions at a discounted rate will now be shown the correct amount when trying to upgrade to PlayStation Plus Extra or Deluxe.

When the all-new PlayStation Plus subscription started rolling out a couple of days ago, subscribers were reporting complaints of being charged an extra fee to upgrade to a higher tier, seemingly negating the initial savings they made upon purchase.

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Despite the apparent lack of communication, it seems that the company was indeed listening and was working behind the scenes to immediately fix the error. As per the announcement, any users that have been incorrectly charged will receive an appropriate amount credited to them.

One other lingering complaint that other users have is the inability for them to upgrade to a higher tier at certain chunks (1 month, 3 months, 1 year) but instead will have to pay for the full duration of their stacked subscription. Despite Sony quietly announcing that players will need to pay a fee that is “adjusted for the remaining time of your subscription,” players who have stacked several years of service are left disappointed that they cannot upgrade to a higher tier unless they pay for a few hundred dollars outright.

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This staggered rollout of the all-new PlayStation Plus is now available in Asia, where it could be speculated that feedback is being assessed before it goes live globally in larger markets like the United States and Europe.


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