Gran Turismo Sophy Is Sony’s New Revolutionary Racing AI

Don't mess around with Sophy.
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A couple of days ago, Sony teased something that would “change the game” and today, they have revealed a Superhuman Racing AI Agent called Gran Turismo Sophy, which promises to deliver a breakthrough experience.

Announced on the Sony AI Blog, Sophy has learned from Gran Turismo’s best drivers and has since incorporated the ins and outs of the GT physics engine, drafting, overtaking, and pretty much every nuance of the game to make it capable of outracing even the best Gran Turismo drivers in the world.

Gran Turismo Sophy One On One

In fact, the AI was put to the test against Emily Jones, who is a world-class GT driver and FIA Gran Turismo Championships 2020 World Finalist. Only a handful of racers can outpace Emily, but in a demo video, Sophy clearly zooms past the competition, even showing Emily a few tricks and racing lines.

Sophy won’t be available in time for Gran Turismo 7’s launch next month, but maybe as a future update.

Gran Turismo 7 launches for the PS4 and PS5 on March 4, 2022.


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