Street Fighter Executive Producer Yoshinori Ono is leaving Capcom

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After 30 years at Capcom, Street Fighter series Executive Producer Yoshinori Ono will be leaving the company.

Ono announced that he will be stepping down and will sadly not be able to continue the ever iconic “Shoryuken” chant during live events. He extends his thanks to the community, saying that “My heart is filled with appreciation to those players who’ve been giving warm and kind support on the brand especially little over the past decade or so as all the activities on the Street Fighter brand regained sunshine and grew its liveliness.”

Even AEW superstar and all around gamer Kenny Omega bid Ono a farewell, alluding to the moment they shared superkick moment during the Capcom Cup 2019 festivities.

And so, for one last time…

3… 2… 1…



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