Support Team Philippines as the Hearthstone Battlegrounds Team Challenge happens on June 20

Go Team Philippines!
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On June 20, Team Philippines will take on Team Indonesia as the Hearthstone Battlegrounds Team Challenge 2 presented by AKG Games will take center stage, battling it out for the $700 prize pool.

Here are the 2 teams representing the Philippines:

Team Jia with Team Captain Jia Dee, Chalk Zaldivar, Rockhart & Wrath

Team Waning Moon with Team Captain Dustin “WaningMoon” Mangulabnan, Pathra Cadness, Tart & Bluemigs Gaming

And here are the 2 teams from Indonesia:

Team SeaRRing with Team Captain SeaRRing, Lopinazz, Arc & Grozen

Team CikiHunter with Team Captain Cikihunter, Clausie, Nyup & Smokers

The battles will commence this Saturday at 12PM, and you can catch all the action as they go live on the AKG Games Facebook Page or from the AKG Games Youtube Channel.


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