The Nintendo Switch has sold over 89 million units despite a recent slump

The upcoming OLED model will surely boost this even more.
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Nintendo has found magic in the Nintendo Switch as it continues to surge ahead in sales. Despite a decline in sales compared to last year, Nintendo’s latest financial report confirms that the Switch has now breached 89 million lifetime units sold, now just 12 million units away from overtaking the Wii.

The Switch has now sold more than the PS4 and Xbox 360, and looks to be on track to sell even more once the OLED model gets released in October. It would be interesting to see how much longer it would take to reach the Game Boy, which sits at 118 million.

Despite the lack of a “Killer App” similar to Animal Crossing: New Horizons last year, titles like Mario Gold: Super Rush and Pokemon Snap have made great progress, selling 1.34 million and 2.07 million units respectively. It would be interesting to see how sales numbers will react when the next set of Pokemon games come out – Pokemon Legends Arceus and Brilliant Diamond / Shining Pearl.

The Nintendo Switch has more games scheduled for release later this year, and with titles like Metroid Dread incoming, expect these numbers to rise even more.


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