The Witcher 3 for the Xbox Series X turns fast travel into instant travel

Gotta load fast.
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The next-gen consoles are gonna be great for gaming. More than looking good, it’s the quality of life upgrades that will really change the experience, such as the blazing fast loading times. The Xbox Series X, in particular, is coming in as the most powerful next-gen console, and while it has the power, it also has the speed to back it up.

In a video from rubhen925, The Witcher 3 is shown as an example and even without optimization, you can hardly seen any load screen in between fast travel. In fact, the Series X loads the game so fast that it actually looks like the game can’t catch up. Fast travel is literally fast, taking about a second or so to load the next area.

That’s pretty crazy, and if you’ve gotten used to taking coffee or snack breaks in between lengthy loading times for your current-gen consoles, that’s all going to change in a week or two.

Excited for the next generation? We hope you are, because we’re definitely hyped!


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