Trek to Yomi Releases New Stylish Gameplay Trailer

Looking better and better.
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It’s been a while since we’ve heard from one of our hidden gems of E3, Devolver Digital and Flying Wild Hog’s Trek to Yomi. After a few months of silence, we receive a brand new gameplay trailer that definitely leans hard into its classic jidaigeki roots, presenting a highly stylized cinematic action side scroller that really captures the heart of a peak Kurosawa-era samurai film.

You’ll play as the swordsman Hiroki who promised his dying master to defend his town against all threats – living and otherwise. Patience and timing are key to combat, and the haunting soundtrack elevates the experience, giving Ghost of Tsushima a run for its money as the best-looking Samurai game out there.

Trek to Yomi releases for the PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series in 2022.


Vincent Ternida moved Vancouver, Canada in 2006 and called it home ever since. He spends the lockdown catching up with his Japanese RPGs, writing his new manuscripts, and figuring out why he suddenly became the main character of the latest Haruki Murakami novel.

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