Untitled Captain America and Black Panther Game Revealed

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During the D23 Expo, Skydance New Media’s new Marvel Universe ensemble game was revealed, featuring a narrative-driven adventure starring Captain America and Black Panther.

No official title, release window, or platforms were announced, and only a teaser trailer of the game was shown off to fans. It will be set during World War II and will let players take control of a young Captain America, Azzuri as Black Panther, Gabriel Jones, and Nanali.

One tidbit we know of is that the game won’t be a co-op game, which comes courtesy of IGN. Hennig responded to a question on whether or not the game will be co-op, and the response was a simple “Narratively yes, gameplay mechanics-wise no.” 

Here’s an overview of the game:

Skydance New Media and Marvel Entertainment’s upcoming narrative-driven, ensemble adventure game set in the Marvel Universe, which marks the first initiative from the new AAA game studio, features an original story that will take players on a World War II-era adventure with four playable heroes at different points in the story:

– A young Steve Rogers, also known as Captain America
– Azzuri, T’Challa’s grandfather and the World War II-era Black Panther
– Gabriel Jones, a U.S. soldier and member of the Howling Commandos
– Nanali, leader of the fledgling Wakandan Spy Network

Players can look forward to intuitive controls and exhilarating second-to-second gameplay that captures the action and excitement of Marvel, inspired by landmark comics, television, and films, as they navigate this all-new globe-trotting adventure.

untitled captain america black panther game

Are you looking forward to this game?


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