Valorant Recon Skin Line unveiled by Riot Games

Look good, frag good.
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Valorant is not just about how good you are but also how good your weapons look. Frag in style with the newly released Recon Skin Line, which now joins other skin lines such as Tethered Realms and features a set of military-inspired skins featuring randomized model changes, butterfly knife, and butterfly knife variant colors.

5 weapons will be getting the Recon Skin Line treatment – Phantom, Balisong (Butterfly Knife Melee), Ghost, Spectre, and Guardian – and will retail for 7,100 VP.

valorant recon skin line

Way early on in Valorant’s development we experimented around with having attachments similar to what you might see in a more mil-sim or grounded shooter. While the idea of attachments for gameplay purposes didn’t make its way through to the final game, there has always been a select few on the team who really loved the look of grounded military weapons that were kitted out with various attachments. Recon is our attempt to capture that fantasy of being in a more traditional modern shooter, having a gun that feels more representative of something you might see in modern combat. shares Sean Marino, Valorant Art Lead.

Valorant is now available for the PC.


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