Xbox and Gucci Collaboration Limited To only 100 Units Worldwide

Lookin' Gucci.
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Xbox has made some pretty creative limited-edition pieces over the years but sadly, most of them are only up for grabs through raffles, making them extremely hard to get. This next one, while more than just a single unit, will still be limited to only 100 units worldwide. Getting one still won’t be easy but that should be the least of your worries.

Xbox and Gucci have announced that a collab between the two brands is coming on November 17 to celebrate 100 years in the fashion space. An extremely limited numbered bundle can be yours for only $10,000 (or around PHP500,000) and will include a custom Xbox Series X with a laser-cut monogram motif, custom controllers, a custom hard carry case, and a Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

Peep some of the shots of the item below:

Just in case you’re on the hunt for one (you rich sonofagun), limited pieces will be available on Gucci’s website and in select locations including Rodeo Drive, Shibuya Parco, London, and Milan among others.

For that price, the Game Pass Ultimate subscription should at least be like 10 years or something, right?

I’ll stick to my Halo Infinite Xbox Series X thank you very much.


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