People might be mistakenly purchasing the Xbox One X over the Xbox Series X

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Because of some weird twist, the Xbox One X is seeing a resurgence in sales, possibly a case of mistaken purchase over the Series X.

Xbox Series S and X pre-orders have gone live in parts of the world today and as expected, pre-order slots of the next-gen system immediately flew off the shelves, with some shops posting sold out signs as soon as they opened.

Online retailers haven’t had it easy too, as websites started crashing the second pre-orders went live. Even the Microsoft site was not spared, at the very least indicating that there is indeed high demand for it.

It was quite the disaster, similar to the PlayStation 5 pre-order fiasco from last week, which MS ironically threw some shade at.

One good thing that came from it though is that Xbox One X sales have shot up 747% on Amazon, based on a report from Twitter user Andrew Alerts.

You didn’t read wrong. Xbox One X and NOT Xbox Series X.

Microsoft has already discontinued production of the Xbox One X, but this surge in sales can most likely be attributed to a couple of things.

From what it looks like, in the rush and panic to get hold of the Series X, some customers may have mistakenly ordered the current-gen box over the next-gen box. The packaging and colors used do indeed show some similarity, so it wouldn’t be too far from the truth to say that Amazon may be receiving a lot of refunds and order cancellations soon after. It also doesn’t help that the naming convention for both systems is very similar, which really doesn’t help the parents who are not well-versed in the industry that are buying these for their children.

Industry analyst Daniel Ahmad reported that this could be because of incorrectly configured bots that were set to purchase multiple pre-orders to scalp over ebay.

Whatever the case, pre-orders did not go as smooth as Microsoft would have hoped but it seems that there was enough demand for both consoles to break some records.

Both the Series X and Series S will launch on November 10 and will retail for $499 and $299 respectively. Local pre-orders in the Philippines have not been announced yet.


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