Grant Soriano


Company of Heroes 3 Review After nearly a decade since the release of the hugely popular second installment, Relic Entertainment and SEGA have finally decided to continue the franchise with Company of Heroes 3, bringing its signature gameplay with updated graphics, features, and, most importantly, official mod support. Many of us have been waiting for a more than decent RTS game to cleanse our palates from saturated genres like FPS and open-world adventures. The Company of Heroes franchise is one of the classics that we all grew up with alongside the likes of Command & Conquer, StarCraft, Battle Realms, and Age of Empires. These games have similar gameplay mechanics, with the only difference being the “era” of these games – from the early period to modern war conflicts all the way to sci-fi. While Company of Heroes shares these characteristics, it makes itself stand out by emphasizing the “strategy” aspect…