Late last week, Western Media got their hands on the PlayStation 5 and with Austin Evans even showing the very first unboxing of the DualSense controller. While they were only allowed to show the box during their reveals, this time around the unboxing embargo has been lifted and we get a closer look at what the retail PlayStation 5 package will look like.

Various outfits like MKBHD, IGN, and Gamespot have already published their unboxing videos, which you can check out below.

Overall, they mostly have the same reactions – The PlayStation 5 is BIG, it’s heavy, but it actually looks better in person than what people are seeing from the various photos. The various unboxing videos show the whole unboxing, from using the stand, to checking out the camera, and even the DualSense and Pulse 3D headsets.

That’s all the media is allowed to say right now, but you can bet that they’re already testing out some of the games for the console, which we’ll probably see in the next few days or weeks leading up to launch.

Sadly, there’s no local news yet on any PlayStation 5 pre-orders or pricing, so these videos could be the closest thing we’ll be getting at the moment. Hopefully, PlayStation Asia announces something soon!

Following the announcement that God of War and God of War III Remastered will be playable on the PlayStation 5, Santa Monica Studio made the announcement that the 2018 Game of the Year will be getting enhanced frame rates of up to 60FPS via a ‘Favor Performance’ mode. The game will also support PS4 to PS5 save transfers, which means that you can pick up exactly where you left off as you continue the adventure of Kratos and Atreus on the next-gen console.

Seeing as these first party titles will be supporting save transfers and enhances frames, Ghost of Tsushima included, it would be quite safe to assume that The Last of Us Part II will also be getting the same treatment. 60fps for the win!

First revealed during a PlayStation 5 showcase a couple of months back, Destruction AllStars was touted as a $70 launch game which some players felt was a bit too steep for something that wasn’t a triple A title. Well, good news, you’re now getting it for free.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, it was revealed that while the game is being delayed to February 2021, the good news is that it will be included as a part of PlayStation Plus for 2 months at no additional cost, meaning you’ve got 2 months to redeem it before it goes back to its regular price. That’s certainly good news, right?

We want as many people as possible to experience the mayhem on PS5, and what better way to do that than to provide the game to our PlayStation Plus members?

As a launch title, Destruction AllStars is going against the likes of Demon’s Souls and Miles Morales. That alone makes it a tough sell, so this could be a smart move.

Expect a new trailer for the game to drop next week but for those looking forward to this, you’ll now have to wait a little longer, but hey, it’s free!

Thanks to the recent PlayStation 5 teardown video, we now know that those huge Seto Kaiba-like white side plates can be taken off rather easily, immediately sparking ideas of custom PS5 designs. While Sony has not released or announced any official faceplates just yet, a company called PlateStation 5 (fantastic name if you ask us) is now taking pre-orders for custom colored faceplates that will give your PlayStation 5 a pop of color. Take note these are unofficial!

For now, they are offering 5 designs to choose from – Limited Edition V1 Matte Black, Cherry Red, Chromatic, Indigo Blue, and Jungle Camo. If you aren’t a fan of the default white faceplates, you the matte black or the red look pretty good.

It’s pretty interesting to know if they actually got their hands on a console themselves to properly come up with the exact dimensions of the faceplates, so we would caution potential buyers to do a bit of research first!

They’ll cost $40, or around PHP2,000, but that’s probably a cheap price to pay for adding a personal touch to your new console. If you can wait a bit, we’re pretty sure there will be a ton of other choices when the PlayStation 5 officially launches on November 12, maybe even official ones from Sony themselves.

The PlayStation 5 is launching in less than a month and based on the list of accessories, a certain media remote tends to get overlooked compared to the DualSense Controller the Pulse 3D Headset. Now, Sony have revealed details of what media apps will launch with the PS5 on day one, which will give context to what the media remote is for and what it can do.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Sony has announced a list of apps that users will be able to enjoy along with their PlayStation 5:

  • Apple TV
  • Disney Plus
  • Netflix
  • Spotify
  • Twitch
  • YouTube

More apps like Amazon Prime Video, MyCanal, Hulu, Peacock, and more will be available at a later date.

During the UI presentation, a media section was briefly shown and it will be the central hub of all of these apps, and it will be quite interesting to find out if the new picture-in-picture feature of the PS5 UI will work here, allowing you to play your favorite game while streaming from Netflix at the same time. Maybe?

The PlayStation 5 Media Remote is sold separately for $29.99, or around PHP1,500.

With around a month to go before the official launch of the PlayStation 5, there are still quite a number of things that remain unanswered. Following a series of information dumps like the recent teardown and even details about backwards compatibility, we now finally have our first look at the PlayStation 5 UI.

A post on the PlayStation Blog details all the updates and even has a full 11 minute video, walking us through the new UI, which was built from the ground up. Do note that this was taken from a pre-production environment, so there may be a few “wrinkles” as they may call it.

The biggest overhaul is the new control center, which provides easy access to the most important parts of the console. Cards make up most of what you will see depending on what game you are playing. In the video, Sackboy: A Big Adventure is being played and some of the cards you will see will be how far along the level you have progressed, how much you are missing, your most recent screenshot, and much more.

PlayStation Plus members will also get a feature called Game Help, which shows certain tips on how to meet certain objectives.

Cards feature Activities, which will allow you to “discover new gameplay opportunities, go back to things you missed, jump directly into levels or challenges you want to play, and much more.” Some of these activities can even be viewed without leaving your current game.

You can also view some of these using the Picture-in-Picture mode, which you can position to different parts of your screen.

Also shown is an example of how you’ll be using the Create button, which let’s you take screenshots in real time without removing your focus from the game. You can also choose to edit it (not fully shown) and share it with supported platforms. Sharing it to a party with your friends who may not have reached that level in the game yet could even see a spoiler warning.

playstation 5 ui create

Another thing you’ll notice also is how smooth and fast it loads, even hopping in and out of gameplay, which should be a fairly big leap in user experience thanks to the new hardware.

Below is also a look at the new Home Screen and PlayStation Store.

What do you think about the new UI? Better than the PlayStation 4? Sound off in the comments below!

Trophies have been an integral part in the PlayStation experience. From sharing friendly competition with your friends to just seeing all your accolades across all of the games you’ve played, Trophies give a sense of accomplishment as you play. Starting tonight in North America (tomorrow for Players here in the Philippines), PlayStation trophies will have a new leveling system.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, new enhancements to the trophy leveling experience was detailed, showing changes to level progression and level icons. It’s nothing too complicated, and we’ll explain the changes below.

playstation trophies new leveling system

The most immediate change you’ll see is the change to your level. Previously, the level range is from 1-100, but the change will now update the cap to to 999, and the update will immediately adjust your trophy level to reflect this change. The computation will be based on the number and grade of trophies you’ve acquired. The example given was that if you are currently a level 12, then your updated trophy level will be “somewhere in the low 200’s”, giving you the Bronze icon with stripes. You’ll even have an icon to resemble your level range now, instead of just a star.

Along with this update, a new level calculation structure will be implemented as well. Players will level up faster in the earlier levels, and Platinum trophies will account for a bigger jump in progression.

All of your Trophy data will carry over to the PlayStation 5, so there is no need to worry about your levels being left behind when you make the next-gen jump.

Do you know anyone who is at level 999? What is your trophy level going to be? We’re guessing ours will be somewhere in the upper silver level, thanks to our recent trophy hauls from Mafia Definitive Edition and Crash Bandicoot 4!

Long awaited, Sony have finally released the teardown video of the PlayStation 5, which gives us a first and up-close look at the inner workings of the next-generation console.

The full video was posted on the PlayStation Blog, which advises us to not replicate the teardown lest we void our warranty, as well as for safety reasons.
Check out the video below:

The 7 minute long video shows the console in ways we have never seen yet, including having it directly beside a person, which shows just how big the console is. Or is the guy really small?

You can also see that the stand is not simply something you place your console on. On its vertical orientation, it is screwed onto the bottom part to hold it in place. On its horizontal orientation, you’ll have to clip it to secure the system. Either way you prefer, the stand will serve its purpose.

The video takes us through the paces of opening up the console, from the pop up side panels which has been speculated but now confirmed. The pop up panels are sure to provide major customization options that is sure to delight modders out there. Custom designs, anyone? Now you can actually “get” that all-black PS5 when it launches!

We’re also taken through the front (1 USB Type C and 1 USB Type A) and back (2 USB Type A, LAN, and HDMI) ports, even to actually “tearing” the system apart, showing the humongous cooling fan and heatsink that is required to keep the system cool, as attested to by the first batch of Japanese Youtubers and Media.

It is great to finally see this, as fears of possible “complications” have been surrounding Sony’s silence about PS5 details. As launch date nears, we’re hoping to find out more about the PS5, specifically about the UI.

The PlayStation 5 will be priced at $499 (around PHP25,000) for the Standard Edition and $399 around PHP20,000) for the Digital Edition. Both editions will release on November 12 in selected territories (US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and South Korea) and November 19 worldwide.

Apart from its custom SSD and DualSense controller, one other thing to get excited about the PlayStation 5 is the 3D audio brought about by its Tempest 3D AudioTech. The PS5 will launch with the Pulse 3D Wireless, a headset designed to take advantage of this new technology. Players will be glad to know that with or without the Pulse 3D headset, 3D audio will work with your current headphones.

As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, it is indicated that “you’ll be able to experience 3D Audio with the headphones that many of you already own, either through USB connection to the console, or by plugging your headphones into the DualSense wireless controller’s 3.5mm headset jack.” This is indeed great news for players who already have existing headsets but don’t want to purchase the Pulse 3D Wireless just for the PS5.

Players not comfortable with headsets and use traditional TV speakers won’t get to experience virtual surround on day one, but will be getting it sometime in the future.

When the PS5 launches on November 12 in selected territories and November 19 worldwide, titles like Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Demon’s Souls will immediately take advantage of the 3D audio features, and you can expect immersive sound quality that will be quite the experience.

The next generation is nearly upon us, as both Microsoft and Sony area gearing up for the closest battle they’ve had in years. While it is quite clear that the Xbox Series S and X will more than likely outsell the Xbox One from the start, the PlayStation 5 is in an unenviable position to try and outdo the PlayStation 4. A daunting task, but CEO Jim Ryan is quite confident, saying that he expects the PS5 to outdo the PS4’s first fiscal year of sales.

In an interview with Naver (via Daniel Ahmad), Ryan predicts a strong sales showing for the PS5 when it releases starting November 12, quite possibly anchored by its momentum from the current-gen as well as their launch lineup, with more to come next year like Horizon Forbidden West and the new God of War.

Of course, there are a number of factors to consider this time. Microsoft has been making smart moves for the past few years and with Bethesda now under their belt, they could very well lead the next-generation charge with guns blazing.

The prevailing conditions brought about by COVID could also be a factor that would determine whether enough quantities of the PS5 can actually be manufactured and shipped around the world.

Various Japanese publications and YouTubers have been given the first ever hands-on session for the PlayStation 5 over the weekend and if impressions are anything to go by, then the PS5 (so far) is looking to be worth the wait.

One such publication, 4Gamer, has shared a number of new images of the machine in the flesh, showing various angles of the console. You’ll also notice that the black portion in the middle of the console looks to be glossy, which gives off a contrast in material compared to the outer shell.

One image, in particular, shows a screw on the top part of the console, possibly indicating where the console will open up to replace or upgrade the internal SSD. If this is true, then it would make sense that the side panels are snap on or easily opened, and can be removed or replaced as well, offering numerous customization options for gamers who don’t want to buy an upcoming limited edition since they already have the console.

ps5 screw

Dengeki Online, via Nibel on Twitter, shared that the fan was very quiet and that they were shocked at the performance, which is something they payed attention to since a lot of people were curious about it. 4Gamer shares the same thoughts as well regarding how quiet the PS5 was, saying it can be “hardly heard” during gameplay. They played Astro Bot’s Playroom and Godfall (among other games), both of which may not be the most punishing of games to the system, so it would be nice to see the console be put to the test with some really heavy games.

Dengeki also shares an angle of the PS5 nearby a TV set, confirming its size. As we can already tell, the PS5 is a really, REALLY big machine.

ps5 size perspective

As for gameplay Demos, you can check out the video below where Astro’s Playroom, Godfall, and Balan Wonderworld was previewed. You can immediately notice the very fast loading times, especially in Godfall where the system loads in between deaths.

One big piece of the puzzle has not been answered yet and that is how the UI looks and performs. It was mentioned before that the new UI is a “100% overhaul of PS4 UI and some very different new concepts”, so understandably everyone is pretty excited to see how it works.

In light of Sony’s silence towards the subject, some UI leaks have appeared online, showing the UI and even the 664GB hard drive space after system and OS files. There’s no reason to fully believe that this is official, so we’ll have to wait and hear from Sony, which we hope is sooner rather than later.

The PlayStation 5 will be priced at $499 (around PHP25,000) for the Standard Edition and $399 around PHP20,000) for the Digital Edition. Both editions will release on November 12 in selected territories (US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and South Korea) and November 19 worldwide.

After the price reveal, Sony has remained eerily quiet about its next-gen console. While we already know about the retail boxes and the launch lineup, other details remain unknown like the UI and the loading times. If this recent development is true, there is leaked info that reveals the possible PlayStation 5 startup screen and storage space swirling around social media sites.

In a reddit post by wsb_BernieMadoff, a short video showing a PS5 cold boot with Russian UI is seen. When timed, it takes around 23 seconds to reach the user menu, which seems a bit slow considering that an SSD is being used here. Also interesting to note is the black controller, which could be a devkit variant.

While there is absolutely no indication that the info below is official, take it with a massive grain of salt.

Twitter user @Okami13_ also shares what looks to be the storage space screen for the PS5, clearly showing 664GB of usable space after system and OS files. Since Astro’s Playroom is a pre-loaded title on every PS5, you may choose to delete it to clear up 2.4GB more. Again, no official word here, but since the Xbox Series X has around 800 GB of usable space after system and OS files, subtracting around 200GB or so from the advertised capacity could be accurate.

The home screen and UI can also be seen here, but with a caveat that it could be from a devkit and not from an actual PS5. Again, no indication that this is official.

Some Japanese Youtubers are getting their hands on an actual PlayStation 5 this weekend, so we’ll be tuning in to see the first impressions of a live PS5 out in the wild. Sony has not given any word yet on an official presentation of the UI and has not sent over media preview units yet unlike what Microsoft has done for the Series X in the past week, so we’ll have to wait and see for a bit longer how it all turns out.

Capcom is looking into bringing Resident Evil Village to the PS4 and Xbox One but says that they will not make any promises.

These statements come from the recent Capcom Special Program presentation for Tokyo Game Show 2020, with producer Tsuyoshi Kanda saying that “were looking into delivering the experience on Xbox One and PS4 as well. We’re looking into it, but we can’t make any promises.

You can view the program below, but the tidbit about the current-gen port starts at around the 17:40 mark:

As we know, Resident Evil Village was set to release exclusively for next-generation consoles exclusively, and it still is, at least for now. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One install base is huge, so it would make complete sense for Capcom to at least consider this, even with development implications.

Resident Evil Village is scheduled for a 2021 release for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC.

We all know that the next-generation consoles are going to be big, not just figuratively but literally as well. The PlayStation 5, in particular, is just straight up huge when put side by side with other consoles. With pre-orders coming and going, we’ve got to get ready to redecorate soon enough to prepare for the coming of these mean machines.

Enter Twitter user KeiSawada, who has done everyone a favor by illustrating just how both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will look inside our homes, giving us an idea of how much furniture we’ll need to move around.

With most gamers owning a PlayStation 4 and a Nintendo Switch, it was only logical to place both side by side. The PlayStation 5 is looking like an absolute f****ng unit.

Side by side with a Series X and S? Here you go.

If you plan on getting both consoles, needless to say that you’ll be needing a LOT of space, especially if you’ll be placing them horizontally.

Both Sony and Microsoft not only want to empty your wallets but also your TV rack as well. You’ve got less than 2 months to clear up some space as the Xbox Series X and Series S will be releasing on November 10 while the PlayStation 5 will be releasing on November 12 in selected territories and November 19 worldwide.

It was reported previously that Spider-Man Remastered won’t be getting a standalone physical release and that PS4 save files won’t transfer to the Remastered version. These tidbits were handed out by Insomiac Games but just in case you were holding out for a silver lining, sad to say that Sony themselves have confirmed this as well.

In a message to Kotaku, here is what Sony has to say:

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Remastered is an enhanced version of Marvel’s Spider-Man, and is included as part of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition for the PlayStation 5. In addition, players who purchase Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales on PlayStation 4 can upgrade at no additional cost to the PS5 version of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and can take advantage of a paid-upgrade to download Marvel’s Spider-Man: Remastered.

There are no plans currently to offer Marvel’s-Spider-Man: Remastered as a standalone. Players with a copy of Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4 can purchase Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition to experience Marvel’s Spider-Man: Remastered on PS5. Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4 also will be backwards compatible on PS5.

In case it wasn’t clear, let’s break it down for everybody:

  • Spider-Man: Miles Morales will be releasing for BOTH the PS4 and PS5.
  • Spider-Man: Miles Morales will have an Ultimate Edition only for the PS5. The Ultimate Edition contains the base Miles Morales game and Spider-Man Remastered.
  • Spider-Man: Miles Morales for the PS4 will have a free upgrade path for the PS5 BUT if you have the PS4 game on a physical disc and proceed to purchase the PS5 Digital Edition, you won’t be able to access the upgrade. Obviously.
  • Spider-Man: Miles Morales owners for the PS4 can upgrade to the PS5 version for free and additionally, can purchase a $20 upgrade for the Ultimate Edition, granting access to Spider-Man Remastered.
  • The PS4 Spider-Man game will be compatible with the PS5 BUT will not have any of the remastered upgrades like updated graphics, faster loading, etc.
  • Save data from the PS4 Spider-Man game will NOT be compatible with Spider-Man: Remastered because it is a “new” game.

Whew. Got that?

It sounds simple enough and complicated at the same time but what it all boils down to is the fact that Spider-Man Remastered will only be available to owners of Spider-Man: Miles Morales.