Here are the winners for Part 1 of our ‘Stay at home, Play at home’ giveaway

A little late, apologies! Here we are and ready to announce the winners of Part 1 of our ‘Stay at home, Play at home’ giveaway.

A little side note, we chose a number of winners based on the random generator but some either did not share the post or are not “Liked” on the page. We urge you to please follow instructions next time as we would want nothing more than to give you these free games but it would be unfair to those who actually followed all instructions!

That said, here are your winners:

One Punch Man

  • JF Deyto
  • Matthew Banico
  • Adrian R. Polintan

Man of Medan

  • Albert Francisco Manuel
  • Siote de la Pena
  • Josh Celedonio

Due to the lack of Man of Medan choices, as stated in our mechanics, “If by any chance one of the games has less than 3 entries, winners will still be chosen from the other group.”, which is why some of the Man of Medan winners initially chose One Punch Man.

Congratulations, please send a private message to the One More Game Facebook Page so we can award you with your prize.

Watch out for Part 2 of our giveaway, where we have 2 more games to give out! Here’s a little teaser of what you can expect.

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